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About Marie Suppli Lundquist

Marie Suppli Lundquist Fotograf: Christian Klant

Marie Suppli Lundquist
Fotograf: Christian Klant

bookcover-mcSometimes you meet someone who has it; the sensuous, the poetic, the provocative all at once. People who carry it as a secret badge of honour on the outside, glittering in the sun as you come closer. Sometimes you come across someone like Marie.

She seems feminine and a bit frail at first. Her sensitivity is hidden in the way she dresses, in the little details and the sweet and sensuous colours she wears. It’s in her eyes and the way she looks at you. It’s in the way she transforms everyday stories from her life to universally human dramas, saying something equally true about her and about all of us at the same time.

And just beneath that is the courage. She is a woman who insists. Who looks us straight in the eye. Her lines are undeniably there, black on quivering white. She tells a story of the mundane, of a life well lived and of everything that is left unsaid between us in a both brutal and humorous way.

Growing up in a highly creative environment of Danish actors and entertainers she had artistic expression for breakfast, lunch and dinner. She has insisted on finding her own way and has compiled an eclectic educational mix of art schools, drama schools and theatre work.

Marie shares, both her own story and that of all of us. Quirky and thought provoking, delicately and brutally honest, she exposes the bloody, the messy, the hurt and the proud. You cannot turn it way or ignore it. And you cannot help smiling!

Foerste OptagelsesproeveAbout Marie Suppli Lundquist’s art

Marie Suppli Lundquist is a young contemporary artist with a compelling and unique style. She draws small sketches of every day situations and paints large paintings of the lives we live.

She Loves her Pen and Paper. Her favourite media is dry point graphic .In Her paintings the canvases  even  have a sketchy quality with scratches, drawn lines and imperfections. She has a playful and nonchalant approach to making art, focussing on storytelling above technical brilliance.

Lately she has become more and more intrigued by the possibility of using Storytelling and instagram as a medium to convey her stories.

She says:

”I express myself because I can not do otherwise
It is simply my oxygen
Sometimes a kiss can do it for me as well
But that is a completely different story…”

 Her work has a strong feminine viewpoint and explores issues such as gender, growing to be yourself and how to find your own spot in the world.

In the piece ‘En pige vokser op’ (A Girl Grows Up), a hand-drawn book portraying Marie from new-born to 23-year old woman, she elevates the autobiographical subject to a level that is relevant and common for most of us. She observes the world and the people around her, whether it is those close to her or random people on the streets. And she tells their story in her art.

Marie’s works has a certain deceptive sense of fragility and vulnerability. You shouldn’t let that fool you, though. Marie says: ‘Do not overestimate the fragility of glass. You can see through it, sure. But it is strong as hell!’