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THE BARN – Bag! Jipppiii!!!

THE BARN – bag

( Written by Owner of THE BARN  CoffeeShop/ THE BARN Roastery Berlin- 

Ralf Rueller )

Our first BARN-bag will be a collaboration with Marie Suppli Lundquist.

Marie is a fantastic artist, close friend and coffee-admirer. She draws small sketches of every day situations and paints large paintings of the lives we live.

Earlier this year she drew me this small sketch on one of her many visits to THE BARN. It broke my heart and had to be BARN-bag No. 1.

The bags are in print right now and will be available soon at our shops and online.

The Barn Bag


Marie Suppli Lundquist
Marie Suppli Lundquist

June 24, 2013

I am extremely happy to welcome you to my new site!

Marie Suppli Lundquist, 2013 Looking at Facebook events -wishful thinking!

Marie Suppli Lundquist, 2013
Looking at Facebook events -wishful thinking!

A website/blog has no fragrance
It has no expectations
Does not know how it is to jump with joy
Has never been hurt
Does not have any favourite dish

I have a fragrance
I have expectations
I have had the privilege more than once to experience
what it’s like jumping with inner sunshine joy
I have been hurt several times
And my favourite dishes are endless.

The only thing we have in common is that we are both constantly “in progress”.

I’m  now smiling –bowing and waving from my “visual “stage –
Humble and eager to show you what’s behind the red curtain!

Let the First Chapter Begin!!

Marie Suppli Lundquist  Berlin Prenzlauerberg  June 2013